Month: February 2017

GoDaddy VPS Server shared hosted environment vs Dedicate Challenges Linux Box (Centos)

If you have pretty straightforward requirement of hosting PHP or Java Application requirement with MySQL, shared hosting environment is a good idea .

Shared environment has several limitation, one of those is iOS Notification port 2195 is’t  open. For that you need to switch to dedicated box.

Dedicated box exposes many limitation of GoDaddy marketing/tech support team. Godaddy charges you $375 for 120 GB HDD and 4 GB with no support includes any technical question. If you want that support , You would be charged additional close to $500 per year, creepy.

Go Daddy is changed a lot for past a year, they no more pick your call immediately, rather they put you in waiting queue for an hour or you drop a message for call back.

Generally, when you get dedicated VM created all software are pretty much lower version and you would face challenges to upgrade those . i.e. Curl version.

One of issue i encountered in my application needed curl 7.40+ while by default install was 7.19. I am not expert in Linux admin  and I had to struggle a lot to get that upgrade done..It was throwing many dependency error i tried to install 7.40+ curl RPM.

Finally i managed to do here is the step.


rpm -ivh

yum clean all

yum update cur

Hope this will help.

Thanks for your contribution Vicky Rihal